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Elevator Entrances

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SS Elevator Design proudly offers FAST RESPONSE SERVICES completely FREE. If you have a tight deadline or emergency repair we'll make sure you get the information you need immediately. Once your project is underway it will be put on high priority with a turn around time of little to none without sacrificing quality and safety.

The door of your elevator is a key design element, but the entire elevator entrance is a major piece of the puzzle that SS Elevator Design specializes in.

You might not really spend a lot of time thinking about the exterior of elevators or the entrance areas. However, you definitely pay attention when the entrance of an elevator isn't up to snuff. If you've ever come upon a dilapidated elevator entrance or a dingy waiting area, you've probably felt a little uncomfortable. And it might make you want to take the stairs instead.

You're not the only one. A poorly designed or an unkempt elevator entrance can make it difficult for patrons to go inside the elevator. It can immediately instill a bad -- sometimes unsafe -- vibe to patrons. And that's something you do not want. 


And for a business -- whether a condo, hotel, apartment, or office building -- the entrance and waiting area of your elevators need to positively reflect your company. It's pretty much your first impression, so it needs to be good.

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And your elevator entrance needs to be safe. We don't sacrifice safety and compliance for style and pizazz. Instead, we integrate safety into every part of our design and installation process, so you'll get a product that's safe and beautiful.


SS Elevator Design aims to create a dazzling elevator entrance that will make your patrons comfortable while they wait for their cab and that will show off the style of your business. From oversized entrances like those you see in large office high-rises to smaller, cozier entrances at a boutique hotel, our design team can -- and will -- bring your vision to life.

Still Have Questions? Feel Free To Submit A Ticket Through Our Contact Page And Provide Us With More Details About Your Project. A Certified Professional Will Call You As Soon As Possible!

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