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Elevator Floors & Sub-Floors

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SS Elevator Design proudly offers FAST RESPONSE SERVICES completely FREE. If you have a tight deadline or emergency repair we'll make sure you get the information you need immediately. Once your project is underway it will be put on high priority with a turn around time of little to none without sacrificing quality and safety.

At SS Elevator Design, we take care of every aspect of your elevator design, including the floor.


The floor of an elevator is more important than you think, especially if your business sees a ton of people who come in and out every day. Think about how often you use an elevator and stare at the floor while you're going up or down. (You do this a lot, right?) We know how important your elevator floor is aesthetically speaking. But we also know how important the materials and installation of your floor are.


Frequent and heavy foot traffic can quickly wear down the quality of a floor. Add in shopping carts and added weight, and the flooring can deteriorate fast. Elevator flooring has -- or should have -- a few flooring levels. While the top level flooring is often decorative and pleasing to the patrons riding in your cabs, the elevator subfloor is critical for stability, longevity, and, of course, safety.


Certain materials are not ideal for elevator floors.

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Some materials are not durable and can degrade quickly in a high-use situation. Other materials are too heavy to be used as elevator flooring, so that beautiful sparkling tile you love might not be the best or safest flooring option for your elevator. 


Elevator subfloors are often plywood that sits between the top level flooring materials and the metal base of the cab. The subfloor can also be cement or other materials. Depending on the finish you desire and its traffic level, we'll determine the right subflooring option for your elevator's floor with safety and dur

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