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Elevator Repairs & Maintenance

Free Quotes & Fast Response Service

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SS Elevator Design proudly offers FAST RESPONSE SERVICES completely FREE. If you have a tight deadline or emergency repair we'll make sure you get the information you need immediately. Once your project is underway it will be put on high priority with a turn around time of little to none without sacrificing quality and safety.

While SS Elevator Design takes great pride in our exterior services, we also pride ourselves on our complete elevator repair and maintenance services. Whether you have a code violation that needs to be tended to or are in need of an emergency repair, we're here to help. 


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Code Violations Removal

  • ADA Compliance

  • Annual Inspection

  • Five-Year Full-Load Test

  • Hydraulic Pressure Test

  • Jack and Piston Replacement

  • Elevator Door Packages and Upgrade

  • Elevator Shaft Cleaning

  • Maintenance Service Packages

  • Car Station Upgrade

  • Hall Button and Lantern Upgrade

  • Elevator Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

  • Elevator Modernization

  • Elevator Servicing

  • Elevator Inspection

  • Emergency Elevator Repair

  • Chair Lift Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

  • Chair Lift Servicing

Certifications & Memberships

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Beautiful Elevators Speak For Themselves. Call Us Now.

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SS Elevator delivers maximum reliability and exceptional customer satisfaction. Call us today for all your elevator repair needs.

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